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Comprehensive Pet Vaccinations in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Why Vaccinate Your Pet?

Vaccinations aren’t just for humans. There are many serious diseases that are extremely harmful to your animals. Having your pet regularly vaccinated can prevent them from contracting severe illnesses that will lower their quality of life and may even lead to death. Regular inoculations will help prevent infection and keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

Many people believe that because they have a house pet, their animal is not at risk, but that’s not true. Even in the tidiest house, there are still bacteria, allergens, dust mites and aerosol fumes that can weaken your pet’s immune system and expose them to danger. The danger is not only to your pet — many animal illnesses are transferable to humans. Get the preventative treatment you need to keep your entire family safe.


Vaccination Basics

Vaccinations help to prepare the body for fighting off the invasion of harmful organisms. They contain antigens that trick the immune system into thinking that it is being attacked. This prepares the body to defend itself when it is exposed to an actual disease. If you have your pet vaccinated now, they are much less likely to become seriously ill in the future.

How Many and How Often?

At North Suburban Veterinary Hospital, our knowledgeable employees will use their years of experience to come up with a vaccination schedule that is tailor-made for your pet. We will factor in everything from your animal’s existing medical history to the most common diseases found in the area. Our vaccination services are safe, sanitary and compassionate. Get your pet the care they need to live a healthy life with you for years to come.